Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning

Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning

Ducted refrigerated heating and cooling system provide quiet, all year round comfort warming your home and work place during  cold winter months and cooling during  warm summer months.

Ducted  reverse cycle refrigerated airconditioning can be installed in existing homes or in a new home. Aircon 4 u can design a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system for you home. Aircon 4 u  have a well known name in the industry when it comes to installing ducted heating and cooling system in Melbourne metro  covering from Wallan to Ballarat to Werribee to frankston to lilydale.

By installing a Ducted reverse cycle refrigerated system from Aircon4 u you home or work place in Melbourne will be a t a comfortable temperature all year round, regardless of the external weather condition.  The  heating is provided by reversing the operation of the ducted refrigerated system, so instead of expelling the hot air and circulatint the refrigerated cold air it does the reverse hence the term reverse cycle heating and cooling commonly also known as heat pump or fancoil. These system can also be zoned to heat or cool areas of your home as requires. Zoning is very practical and also helps to keep the reduced running cost. 

 How does Refrigerated Air Conditioning work ?

A reverse cycle airconditioning system lets you control the climate at you home whenever you want.ducted heating and cooling system can provide your Melbourne home with a comfortable temperature all year round, regardless of the weather conditions outside. It does this while filtering the air and removing humidity from the air. Aircon 4 u  is one of the leading company in installing heating and cooling in Melbourne metro covering from Wallan to Ballarat to Werribee  to frankston to Lilydale.

Aircon 4 u has fully trained consultants who will advise you the best system for your home or work place and our qualified installers will ensure your ducted air conditioning systems installation meets all Australian standards.