Government rebates and cash backs applicable on certain ducted heating installations or replacement systems.

Gas heaters should be serviced every two years and checked for carbon monoxide levels. Aircon 4 U provides a 6 year product warranty, for your peace of mind.

Gas Ducted Heating

Also known as central heating or a gas heating system, ducted gas heating is an effective way to heat your whole house while keeping energy usage and carbon emissions in check. Our gas ducted heating options also offer Melbourne properties greater heating performance as compared to reverse cycle air conditioning, on top of increased savings in energy bills. With gas ducted heating, you have zoning options that allow you to only heat specific areas as required, with time-controlled features available.

Split System  

A popular option that ticks the boxes for affordability, ability to control temperatures independently across multiple rooms, and enhanced air quality, split system air conditioners are the system of choice for those that require multiple units installed e.g. in apartments. Split systems are named as such because one half of the system, the condenser is set up externally while the fan coil is set up indoors. In cooling mode, the fan coil encourages circulation of cool air indoors by removing heat; while for heating, a reverse cycle kicks in. Choose from a range of wall or ceiling mounted installations and floor standing options depending on what suits your space.

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