Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

When you want a versatile system that can provide your home with the ideal temperature any time throughout the year, ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is a smart option. In cooler months, a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner works to draw heat from the outdoor air to make indoor areas warm; while in warmer months, it takes heat from indoors and expels it outdoors, leaving your space at a comfortably cool temperature – thus the term ‘reverse cycle’.

These methods provide a more energy efficient means of temperate control, as opposed to generating hot or cold air. Our ducted reverse cycle air conditioners with inverter technology provide superior energy savings as compared to non-inverter models.

Add-On Cooling

With gas ducted heating being a favourite heating choice, add-on cooling allows gas ducted heating users to complement with the option of refrigerated cooling and conveniently consolidates a whole system. By using the same duct and vent as your heating, add-on cooling can be installed at the same time as your gas ducted heater or at a later stage (advise your specialist during consultation if the latter is the case).

Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative cooling harnesses water and its natural cooling characteristics to lower temperatures in a house. By installing an evaporative cooling unit onto the roof, and connecting that to a series of outlets located throughout the house, an evaporative cooling unit absorbs fresh air from the outdoors, filters it then passes it through water cooled pads for clean, crisp air that constantly replaces stale air multiple times an hour. Installing and running evaporative cooling systems is not only more cost effective than other cooling systems but is also kind to the environment as it emits minimal greenhouse gasses. The filtering component in evaporative cooling also makes it an ideal choice for those who are prone to asthma, hay fever and irritation from other airborne allergens.

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